Project timeline: 2 weeks (Oct 2023)
Tool used: Figma
Target user-base: People who needs motivations words

Project showcase laptop mockup
Project showcase laptop mockup
Project showcase laptop mockup



Project theme

The project theme assigned is "The Lovers," and I aim to develop an app centered on card quotes exploring the concept of love languages, one of which is "Words of Affirmation."

The theme relates to how I want users to be able to show and express different forms of love through the usage of my app. Which allows users to not only create, but also share through a variety of available templates. The app will also utilize and identify the moods of the users through AI and behavioral analysis.

About MoodLifters

MoodLifters is an app that provides daily inspiration and positivity, offering affirmations for a brighter mindset and resilience in challenging times.



A segment of individuals experiencing demotivation and fatigue in their daily lives seek a personalized source of 'words of affirmation' to rejuvenate their spirits and regain direction. These individuals desire affirmations tailored to their unique experiences and circumstances, aiming to reignite their passion and sense of fulfillment.



Development of User Persona

The development of the user persona, Annabel, represented a noteworthy achievement. The difficulties of striking a balance between hard work and a busy lifestyle were highlighted through the experiences of 25-year-old marketing professional Annabel. Her love language preference for “words of affirmation” revealed a crucial component of her emotional requirements. The extra information about Annabel’s passions, inspirations, objectives, and trouble spots helped to paint a complete picture of her personality. This level of detail revealed motivations, annoyances, and the precise places where the app may be most helpful.

App Concept: Ideation Inspired by “We’re Not Really Strangers

The idea behind “We’re Not Really Strangers,” a thought-provoking card game that aims to create deep connections through dialogue, served as the basis for my rapid ideation 1 prototype. The intricacies of the questions in this game, which gradually delve deeper into personal thoughts and emotions, are in line with its goal of helping users develop empathy and understanding. Inspired by this idea, I wanted to develop an app that uses quotes, self-reflection, and group discussions to promote similar relationships.

Inspired by the spirit of the game, my brainstorming turned to developing an app with a large collection of quotes that would act as solace, inspiration, and motivation. Users would have the ability to compile their own quotations and share them with their social networks as unique thoughts or feelings. In addition, I had the idea to include self-reflection questions in the app to help users go deeper into their feelings and ideas, which would enable the app to customize quotes according to the user’s current mood.



Progress in App Development: Features Shaped by User Persona Insights

  1. “Daily Affirmations” and “Coping with Challenges”: these features were designed to provide Annabel with daily inspiration and support throughout her moments of stress and anxiety. The goal is to establish an online support network that supports her quest for emotional well-being.

  2. “Self-Reflection” for Personal Development: The feature reflects Annabel’s propensity for self-examination and development. It provides a setting where users can practice introspection, which promotes awareness and personal development.

  3. “Mood Tracking” and Quotation Suggestions: The integration of specific quotation recommendations and mood tracking shows the app’s ability to cater to Annabel’s emotional requirements. The application seeks to offer customized assistance throughout several emotional phases by suggesting quotations that correspond with the user’s present state of mind.

  4. Users are empowered by the “Make Own Quotes” and “My Quotes” sections, which let them create unique quotes and share them with friends. “My Quotes” satisfies Annabel’s need for a carefully chosen selection of thought-provoking quotations shared among her friends.



Home Page

When users first open the app, they are greeted with a user-friendly interface that offers categorized options of quotes, each designed to cater to their specific needs and preferences. Whether seeking daily affirmations to start the day with positivity, guidance on coping with challenges, or moments of self-reflection, users can easily navigate to their desired category to find inspiration and support.

Users have the ability to browse through the quotes, engaging with them by expressing appreciation through likes and sharing them with friends, fostering mutual support during challenging times. By liking and sharing quotes with their friends, users not only find solace and inspiration for themselves but also contribute to building a supportive community where individuals can uplift and encourage one another through difficult moments.

Create Own Quotes.

Empowering users with creativity, the app offers a unique feature allowing them to craft personalized quotes. Users can select their preferred typefaces, colors, and shapes, adding a touch of customization and fun to their creations.

Sharing a Customized Quote With Friends.

After customized, users can seamlessly share their unique quotes with friends, spreading positivity and inspiration.

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